Get ready for lift off ?

Lift off for the 2021/2022 Autumn-Winter season with a new collection dedicated to exploration, OUTERSPACE:
An exploration of the celestial path, driven by unlimited curiosity and imagination, endless sources of inspiration and creativity that IZIPIZI adores.
Inspired by a chromatic universe driven by the galaxy and planets, OUTER SPACE invites you to escape: your feet on the ground, your head in the stars and a dreamy heart. The collection pays a gentle and loving tribute to the bright and colorful dimensions of space by offering an extraordinary vision of the world.
Let us guide you to these new destinations.

Welcome to Red Mars

Inspired by the fascinating Red Planet that was explored for years & years

A deep red, with tints ranging from a matte to glossy finish on the bottom of the frames, a source of light, motion and intensity?

image 003
image 004

Take off to Blond Venus

A tribute to Venus, the morning and evening star

Bright yellow frames that echo Venus in the morning light, with solar, purple tinted lenses that recall Venus in the setting sun. This gradient of colors is complemented by frames that combine a soft and glossy finish?

Explore the Moonlight

A journey to the Moon, our natural satellite and friendly nocturnal guide ☾

A white shade of silver with a gradient of matte to glossy varnish on the front of the frames. The silver-grey tinted lenses recall the lunar universe ideal for protecting eyes from the sun ?

image 011
Izipizi Outerspace Collection

Discover Silver Moon

A silver white shade sprinkled with silver glitter and a beautiful gradient of soft to glossy on the front of the frames, and grey lenses ?

Make way for Jupiter

Inspired by the giant and striped planet

Colored frames that echo the colors of Jupiter, with a stunning soft to glossy finish. The solar lenses bring back Jupiter’s rings, with a gradient of brown to green to orange?

image 012
image 009

Inspect the Lucky star

Inspired by the entire galaxy and universe ??

Frames with a unique design, developed to echo the texture and light of space with blue halos, and pale and orangey yellows ?