Zadig & Voltaire: The New Silhouette

“The New Silhouette” by Zadig&Voltaire is an original reinterpretation of the Zadig Silhouette after this exceptional period. After being stuck at “Home Sweet Home”, we want to gain back our freedom without letting go of our comfort.

New Silhouette Z&V

For this collection, Zadig & Voltaire was inspired by real-time events, behaviors and their consequences. They created a new Zadig orientation and style, detached from the past and independent of the future.

The New Silhouette is above all a look as comfortable as if you were at home, except that you can go to work or go out for a drink, without having to change completely.


The hoodie and jogging trousers are no longer a “stay-at-home” or “workout” outfit: Zadig & Voltaire gives you the tips to rock this post-cocooning look!

Inspired by fleece jogging trousers, Zadig & Voltaire designed the Steevy Trackpants that transcends our usual comfy look to build a modern and bold silhouette. Pair these sweatpants with the Zoe Tattoo T-shirt , the Zoe Happy T-shirt or any shirt with a message, a photo print or tags.


As for the jacket, it must stand out! Pair your t-shirt with a tailoring jacket such as the Viva Star Blazer, or a denim jacket like the Thelma Eco Shirt.

To complete the look, you can choose between a pair of sneakers for work trips (Check out the High Flash Sneakers below), and a pair of boots such as the Joe Boots.

High Flash Sneakerss
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To master the art of this “New Silhouette”, the first rule is to mix genres, the second is to play with contrasts and the last is to pay attention to details!

Discover the ideal wardrobe to make this post-cocooning look your own on Fashionclap.

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